How to fix Windows 10 start button not working

How to fix Windows 10 start button not working

With the new Windows 10 updates and with so many users downloading this new software for their PCs, it is very common for some errors to occur. One of the most common is that the windows 10 start menu not working. We are not only referring to the virtual button, it is very likely that you will hit the physical Start button and it will not execute its function correctly either.This happened to me when I first installed Windows 10 on my laptop. My only solution was to install the entire Operating System again. But this was because i did not know exactly what to do. This is not going to happen to you, because today we bring you several different ways that you can use if your Windows 10 button does not work. Reinstalling the entire System will be your last option, the last in this very useful list of simple options that you can only try at home. Go for it.


1. Check if there is any new Update

In April 2017, the Creators Update for Windows 10 was released. This should be automatically on your PC. But, in case you have doubts, you can review and rule out that it is the cause of the present problem with the Start button that you have now.

Step # 1: Look for the Settings option. You can access it by right clicking on the Task Bar, the small black bar that has the icons that is at the bottom of your entire screen.


How to fix Windows 10 start button not working


Step # 2: Click on Settings. Then choose the Update and Security option that appears in the lower right part of the window.
Step # 3: A window will open with the update options. Click where it says Check for Updates and wait.
This update will avoid some problems, one of them the failure of the home button.


2. Create a Batch File with Windows Notepad

It is a file that you leave on your desktop and that will be useful every time the Windows 10 Start button fails you, be it for any reason. Just create this document and double-click it when necessary it should fix the problem for you. To create this file:
Step # 1: Copy these lines.
taskkill / f / IM explorer.exe
  start explorer.exe
Step # 2: Open Windows Notepad and paste them there.
Step # 3: Choose the File Option and then Save As.
Step # 4: When you name it, write .bat at the end of it. Then select what type of file it will be, and choose All Files. Then save it and go.

3. Use the Task Manager

In this method what we are going to do is restart Windows Explorer, so that the button works again.
Step # 1: Open the Task Manager by right clicking on the Task Bar and selecting it. Or use the CTRL + ALT + DEL / DEL key combination.
Step # 2: In the Processes tab, scroll down until you find a folder named Windows Explorer.


Step # 3: On the same name, right click on it. Choose the Restart option. Hopefully this will help you get the Start button working again.
windows 10 start menu not working fixed




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